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Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hi all,

Names Dave.

I am a art & furniture conservatior. I have a 60'x60' shop spray booth, strip ping area and everything needed to restore furniture.

Which is what brought me to my next project. A customer gave me this



I'll bee taking on this project and in the end selling it.

So what forum do I post up in to start a tread.

Also I have been in this traide for over 35 years and if anyone would like ideas from me let me know. I am open to discussing trade technics and how too's.
Welcome, Dave

There are several places in the forums where you could get a good discussion going... provide input, trade ideas, etc. Many of us want to begin by figuring out what it is you have there.... A&F sold canoes for several builders. If your canoe is an Old Town (and it seems very suspiciously like one), we can pull the original build record if you locate the serial number, which would be on the inside stem at each end. Sometimes it takes a bit of elbow grease to remove the gunk and find the numbers.

A good look at a deck may say something about the builder. You may want to check out the canoe identification guide at Dragonfly--
and compare your canoe to the Old Town description before globbing the stems with stripper... just scroll down on the left to "Old Town". If that isn't a match, check out "BN Morris", as he also sold through A&F.

Looks to be a very do-able project (and you're fortunate to have a workshop and the skills to use it)!

forgot to mention...

You can post a serial number in the "serial number search" category... and post questions and comments etc about your canoe restoration project under "wood/canvas and fiberglass"... there's also a "miscellaneous" that covers anything.

When I look at this website, I check out all the new posts by clicking on "new posts" above... I don't check things by category.

If you have specific questions, it's fun to poke around the archives by putting your question in "search" above.