Denise, reconnecting with WCHA (southeast PA)

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Breaker of tradition
Well... I never really stopped loving my canoes.. I just had this 30ft classic plastic sailboat that pretty much demanded all my attention. New owner will be taking her away at the end of the month. (5/15)

Anyway. I hope find myself back on the water again with paddle in hand. May even make the trip to Paul Smiths.

My son John and I built a 5 strip canoes, restored a couple of old Town HWs, built a couple of CLC kayaks. The last project (hanging in my basement shop) is my 15ft one off.


Sadly, about 5 years ago I gave the form to the wooden boat factory in Philly I don't think they will ever use it even though they teach wooden boat building to city kids.

What's up now? Well I've been asked if i want a 1948 Moth dinghy to restore and do what I will with it. I'll be into that this winter I'm sure.

I'm casually seeking a project runabout under 20ft

I'm thinking of building a W/C prospector. I always loved my strip prospector that took me on many hundreds of miles of trips on rivers and lakes.

I've played at wood working in general, turnings, furniture this and that and such but just can't seem to be content unless it's for or about a boat. I did.. come up with my own rendition of the Roubo woodworkers bench. sorry about the mess... but you get the picture... :)

Some of you may know my online name DeniseO30, hopefully I won't be a ghost here. I do love to type at high speed (and edit at low speed) :rolleyes:
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