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Meet Larry...

He's ten weeks old and his birth parents were Jack Russell terrier and Chihuahua.

Some day, he will ride in a canoe... but not for a while: there's snow here, and the wind chill is below zero, and spring seems very far away.

Happiness is a warm puppy... and thoughts of paddling in warm weather.



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new pup

Congrats on your new pup, and my sympathies for the early stages- our pup will be year old in January, so what i think you mean is piddling in warm weather;)
or possibly chewing on new leather.
Reminds me of a story

Larry is very cute Kathy.

With respect to puppies getting used to canoes, my tripping bud got a new puppy this past summer. Shadow's first trip in a canoe was up Lobster Stream to the lake in Maine via a 20 ft square stern Chestnut Pool. Shadow liked sitting on the very end of the deck. Well, it seems he lost his balance or decided to take a dip and he went in. Shadow then went the length of the shoe keel under the boat. Dave was quick to kill the engine and had to play lifeguard when Shadow eventually surfaced.

I expect Shadow and Larry will both make fine canoe dogs.


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Well last night while in the shower I had an epiphany. There is now a name change! Larry shall hence forth be known as Bert - in honor of
Mr. Morris. This was discussed and Kathryn agrees that it is only fitting since he joined us while we were on our trip to pick up our Veazie.
:D Denis
Canoe Pups

Thought I'd add a couple new pics of Bert... and remind folks what Connie and Dave's baby Eddie looked like at Assembly, so they can compare to the more grown-up version on the main page of this website. Knowing how fast this baby-time goes makes me appreciate our little guy even more... and easily forgive his "baby mistakes".


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