New build Prospector

Howard Caplan

Wooden Canoe Maniac
Thanks to Dan L. for reducing these pics.
Now what do I do with my time?


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prospector plans


she's a beauty! I love the lines of the prospector and the myth behind this model. What plans did you use for your canoe?

Thomas - I built the canoe in a class at Northouse Folk School. The instructor was Dan Strootman. He got the form from a former Navy Admiral who he knew from I think his navy days. Dan told me, the admiral modified it a bit and then Dan did some other modifications. The hull is very flat and broad for a Prospector and the way it paddles with no more then two people and a 12 pound Yorkshire terrier I wonder if it can even be called a Prospector any more. Handles great and still has very good turning ability. Very little push from crosswinds or headwinds.

Canerodz - ah, you noticed my favorite tree. It is a plum - my stepdad, an old butcher who has spent too much time in food stores, said he was pretty sure it is an Italian Plum? I don't know other then I will agree it is a plum. Beautiful white flowers in spring. As soon as it blooms, the orioles arrive. Unfortunately, it is dying. An arborist friend is coming out in a few weeks to take out a large, very dead section and we will try to keep it as long as possible but, I don't think it will be with us by next year at this time. We are discussing what to replace it with but it will be missed.
When it finally gives up the ghost. Have it sawn into boards. It is a wonderful hard wood. If the pieces are large enough you could make a coffee table using the natural edge. Could be spectacular!
Denis :)
Howard ,
I forgot to say that it is a wonderful old tree and you were fortunate to be able to enjoy it. Quite beautiful!
Dennis - I have been thinking about various uses for the tree. It is so knarled and twisted the wood has to be very interesting. I like the coffee table idea - simple yet it can be elegant. Decks - ya, eh!
We took down an elm tree several years ago and I had the trunk cut into firewood lengths. Last fall I started splitting it and saw it was very nicely spalted. I'm thinking new decks with a piece of that and maybe some decrotive pieces around the house.
Thanks for the ideas.
make new from old

Howard, you could try to grow a new tree from a cutting, thus preserving the genes of this beautiful plant. I'm doing this with an old apple tree right now. It has lost branch after branch in the past few years in storms or when loaded with snow but is still holding on.

Don't underestimate your plum tree! I think you will still have it around next year!