How deep is a canoe?

Tony Denton

Curious about Wooden Canoes
When building my 16' Prospector stripper I reduced the rocker by a third and the depth to thirteen and a half inches. After using it for a few trips I decided that there was too much freeboard, we got blown around too much, so built another with twelve and three quarter inches depth. This has been my ideal canoe for several years, carrying my wife and me on trips up to ten days.
Now I am finding that the stripper is difficult to lift and am looking for an ultralight 16' - with wood trim - but they all seem to be fourteen inches depth or more. What do I do?
11 - 12 inches has been pretty standard for a very long time. Must be good reason the Maine Guides have used this dimension. Change your mold as such. Good luck.:rolleyes:

If you're talking a tripper, I wouldn't go shallower then 12",

if you're thinking casual day paddles, maybe so.

I went down the same road as you, making my 1st 2 stippers too deep,
at 14", very seaworthy but harder to paddle and they caught too much wind.

The 3rd is (IIRC) about 12-13".

Thanks Chris and Dan. The next step seems to be to try to get a canoe made with the hull cut down, which will save a few ounces at the same time.