Need: Original color of Old Town canoe #130874


Curious about Wooden Canoes
The work order color description on my copy is not legible. Are there any other options in trying to find the original color of this canoe?
how about "dark green" :)

I'm not seeing a color designated on the build record either. If I had to hazard a guess, it would be "dark green"... in fact, that's what I'd say under torture. But the general consensus regarding color in canoe restoration is "it's your boat" and you may color it anything you please. The original owner was able to choose a color... and to be historically accurate, you might choose one of the options the original owner was given... which would include a number of designs as well. Pretty much anything goes on a Yankee.

I suppose someone at Old Town could pull the original card and see if the color is legible there... but this discussion gave me the chance to remind folks that any color is just fine. There may be certain bounds... like, not putting a three-tone paint job with gold leaf a-la-courting canoes on an 1890 Gerrish... but "it's your canoe".



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