need more onfo.


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I think I may be onto something but need to verify it. from what is left of the decal on the canoe I was told that it looks like one that was used on peterborough in 1954 to celebrate there 75th. anniversary. the regular logo with the addition of a bar under it commerating the anniversary.The number stamped inside is 6025.If anyone has a similar canoe that may be able to back this up or more info. on the serial number please respond. Also the canoe is 14 ft. long. this seems to be rare.
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That decal is pretty small, measuring perhaps 1 3/4 inch across. I have one on my Peterborough Royal runabout. The Pete deck decal was a pretty small affair. Another thing to keep in mind is that, as I understand it, Peterborough wood and canvas canoes were built by Chestnut. Both companies were under one firm.
Mark, does your pete have a number stamped into the wooden rail on the floor in the front of the canoe? From the pieces and colors that are left from the decal it looks like a pete decal.Any info. is a big help to me thank you.


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Rail on the floor? Do you maybe mean the stem? That is the piece on the floor that forms the "backbone" of the bow and the stern. Serial numbers are frequently stamped on the stems especially fro Old Towns and Chestnuts. There is no known way of dating Chestnut/Peterborough canoes by serial number.

In 1923 Peterborough and Chestnut formed an "alliance". Peterborough got their wood and canvas canoes from Chestnut until Peterborough closed their doors in 1962. A good history of Chestnut is " The Story of the Chestnut Canoe" by Ken Solway. "When The Chestnut Was In Flower" by Roger MacGregor is also an interesting read.
hi jan,I am new at this and am getting a good lesson. I am learning the parts slowly.I believe that is the stem. it is in the center of the canoe on the floor up front. This is interesting.I keep wanting to find out more about this canoe that when I first saw it was about to use it as fire wood at my camp. wow that would have been a mistake.this has become an obsession.
Peterborough 75th

I have a canoe with the 75th decal. I will try and get a shot of the decal for you.


Is the decal small? I am wondering if they used 2 different sizes. The photo of the peeled decal sure does look like a Pete 75th decal, but the size is larger than anything I have seen from Peterborough.
We need width and depth to figure out which Chestnut/Peterborough it is. There were a number of 14 footers made over the years. I have a Chestnut Playmate, 32" to the outside rail, 12" deep. Other 14fterws were the Little/Peach, the Fox and the Fire( 14 ft Prospector type), some had 2 3/8" wide ribs while other 1 1/2" wide ribs. The Chestnut/Peterborough/Canadian Canoe conglomeration can be very confusing.
just a little late tonight but first thing tomorrow i will take some more measurements. what i already have is tip to tip was 14ft. long.outside to outside in the center was 30in. wide and from the bottom plank not the rib to the top of the support bar ( not sure what it is called exactly ) was 11 in. I am going to double check these. I think this would be the way to measure it.the ribs are 2 3/8 wide on the bottom and taper to 1 1/2 in. up the sides.
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Peterborough Decal

Here is a photo of the decal on my 1956 Peterborough Champlain


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Hi Fred, From the small bits and peices left on my canoe, It looks like that is what was there. There is very little left to it but it does match the shape and colors. thank you for the photo. Does your canoe also have a number stamped on the stem?

I think that I have already given you all of this information. If you let me take a look at it, I think I can even tell you the model. How far apart are the ribs (the width of the space where the planking shows between each rib? I'm quite sure that this canoe is one of the ones that were made at the Chestnut plant for Peterborough.
Peterborough Decal

Yes, we have the numbers 1492 which is the number for the "Champlain" model. The number 5906 must be a serial number, but there is apparently no way to confirm this. Our canoe also has a series of X's following the numbers. XXX XX XXX
We are sure that our canoe was bought new in 1956 by my best friends father. We have a photo of it on top of a 1956 car on it's first trip out.
I'm not sure about the shadow of your decal, but it looks more like a Chestnut to me. Fred
Hi max from what I can tell the spacing is 2 1/4 inches.along the center in the bottom.I do need to let you look at it i really have no clue.