Need help with maker I.D


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Need help with maker I.D,new pics added.

16` canoe 007.jpg16` canoe 010.jpg16` canoe 015.jpgHi,has anyone seen this logo?I was wondering who made this 16 ft canoe.Its been in my garage for years now and its time to make room.
Thanks for any help.16` canoe 005.jpg16` canoe 006.jpg


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Need more pictures. From what I can see of the deck it could be a Chestnut or Peterborough with an aftermakket decal from someone else.
Yes i think this might be a aftermarket decal to.My canoe is hanging in the rafters of my garage and i took the picture from a ladder today.i`ll get it down tomorrow and get more pics and add them here.As i live in the Lindsay and Peterborough area i think this might be a local built canoe.
Thanks for the reply.
Never seen a gunwale treatment like that, enlarge photo 3. Doesnt look like a splice but cant really see. Overall still screams Chestnut.....