Need Help with ID Rice Lake?


Curious about Wooden Canoes
A gentelman brought me this boat after buying it from a seller who thought it was a Rice Lake. Its double planked with canvas between but only every other interior plank is full length. Anybody seen something like this. Thanks in advance....Kim


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I suspect he is referring to Rice Lake, Ontario, just south of Peterborough.
Lynn Miller (NY) has one, but it doesn't have filler half ribs, nor is the planking configured like the one the photo.
I'll bet that's heavy, eh?
What kind of fasteners are used, especially screws. Robertson (square drive) might be a give away for Canadian if the age is post teens.
Rice lake Ont?

Yes, I did mean Rice lake Ont. because of sellers info and of the fact that its double planked and seemingly Canadian in origin. I have included some pic"s of a Rice Lake that I restored last winter but still am curious about what this one could be. Thanks to everyone for taking a look.....Kim


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