Need help indenifying canoe


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hi, I came across this 17' canoe and I am not sure what it is. It originally was wood and canvas but they guy I got it from uncle fiber-glassed the hull and painted the interior. He told me it was an Old Town but I am not sure. He is not sure of the age but his parents bought it at an auction 40 years ago. It has the number 1437 stamped on the 8th rib if that helps. Thanks, Eldo


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can't tell

but others will be able to. YOu might want to post close up of interior, decks, stem, fasteners, rib tops. I'm thinkin' Canadian but I'm not good at id.
Looks like Rushton Indian girl to me, but my canoe ID skills aren't that great. The heart shaped deck, closed gunnels, and stem profile are what lead me to believe that.
First, I think we need to say it isn't an Old Town.

The ribs don't appear to be tapered (to me, from the pics at least), so that excludes some.

I think it has open gunwales, with a trim-piece similar to the type Morris and Kennebec used to kind of segue from deck to gunwales-- I think older OTs did too. Maybe others...

I think the Indian Girl heart comes up higher on the sides-- as though both "petals" are deeper.

Serial number on the rib is a Racine-thing-- also some others. Somebody will know what this canoe is, Eldo-- there are folks scratching their heads, but we can put those heads together and hopefully narrow it down to something you can hang your hat on.

The bow seat doesnt look cleated to the side of the hull. Any evidence of that? I thought Racine did that instead of dropping it from the gunwales.
He means the seat it connected to the gunwales, not the hull itself, "dropped" using seat dowels. I didnt know they did that.
More time now....

THe heart shaped decks, open gunwales, short rail caps, and number stamped on a rib surface are all indicative of Racine Boat Company (RacineWis). See attached images from the 1917 Racine catalog (as found on the Historic Catalog Collection CD-ROM available from WCHA). Note that the seats are clearly hung from the gunwales.

Chris - I think the cleated seats may be Racine Boat Mfg. Co. (Michigan)?



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