Need help in Spokane, WA

Daniel Day

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Hello all,
I am newer to this board and need your help. I posted awhile back about recanvasing my 17' OTCA myself. After alot of research this is not practical for me. I have been looking and still have not found anyone in Spokane Wa. that is set up to do the work. This is frustrating.
Does anyone know of a person in the Spokane, Wa., Coeur d'Alene, ID. area that I can get ahold of?
Any leads or info on finding someone local would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
If you haven't already, check the Builder's Directory for Washington State: - I don't know the geography, so can't tell you if any of the listed builders are in your area.

You might also try getting in touch with the folks of the Northwest Chapter ( - they might be able to point you in the right direction.

There are considerably fewer builders out your way compared with the northeast and upper midwest US and eastern Canada - there just might not be anybody...

Good luck,
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Grand Forks, BC is a couple hours north of you - you might try a google search for "Kettle River Canoes".

Cheers -
Red Pal
Thanks Dan, I have been intouch with Patrick Chapman in Olympia but he states he now has a full time job. I don't know to feel sorry for him, or? He put me intouch with Harman Canoe in Arlington. The main problem is they are 300 mi from me.
Red Pal, you are closer which is great, but I refuse to get a passport, its a government thing with me. Beautiful country in your area. Great web site.
Thanks again Dan and red. I think I have a plan.