Need help identifying my Canoe from Perterborough, Ontario


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I have recently purchased an older ceder strip/canvas canoe to replace one stolen a year ago from my cottage (which I spent many hours restoring previously and had only had it in the water twice)

From the 2 pictures attached, the label is badly worn, but it is green/gold with a red border. The manufacturer is written in white lettering but not readable at all (mostly missing) all that remains is ........... Canoe Co (Limited) Peterborough, Canada. The serial # stamped on the floor of the canoe under the stern deck is C4437 1492. I was told that it was built approx 1956/57.

Does anyone recognise this manufacturer and is there a build docket availiable for the serial number?

Seats and gunnells were repaired some 6-8 yrs ago by the previous owner, I will need to re-canvas it so I am happily reading others experiences in doing this as I didn't have to do the canvas on my previous canoe. I will post some updates and WIP pictures as I progress.

Your assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you


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Interesting numbers. 1492 is a Peterborough Canoe Company number for their low end 16' Champlain model. What are your canoe's dimentions? Could be a Peterborough which was sold as a Canadian? Very possible.
Thanks Dave, you have opened a new avenue for me to pursue, I only got the canoe a week or so ago, literally bought it, transported it to my workshop at the cottage and placed it on the saw horses.

I will measure it on my next few days up there, but the seller told me it was 16' so it does tie in to the Champlain model and the seller also told me his wife bought it new in 1956 or 57, which again ties back with the Champlain model.

I will post any results of my research on here to help anyone else who may have an interest in these Canadian Canoes.

Thanks again.