Need help identifying a possible Thompson


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Canoe is covered in fiberglass, full ribs, and a football-shaped keelson. Don't quote me on the dimensions as I am going by memory but they are as follows:
Length 16
width is 33
depth at middle ~14
keelson ~4 or 4.5 at the widest (runs full length)

I will try to get better measurements when I get back to my brother's shop.

Any help narrowing down the manufacturer, model, and year would be most appreciated. Thank you!


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I don't know what it is, but I don't think it's a Thompson. Cleated seat hangers and keelson are not typical of Thompson Canoes.
The deck looks like it could be a Lloyd Rehbein Canoe. He was a builder from Duluth. I restored a Rehbein, but the seats hung from the inwales and there was not a keelson.
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Still not identified

Does not appear to be a Lloyd Rehbein Canoe based on what I have seen online. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks much.
Shell Lake?

the cleats look like my Shell Lake. Dave O? Does it look like your Shell Lake? Not sure on the deck tho.

... The cleat is like Shell Lake, but there are a couple of big honkin bolts through it. Maybe it was an add on? Maybe the keelson was an add on. It's deep, like a Rehbein. What do the seats look like? What about the planking pattern? Looks like lots of rise in the shear. Looks like no tumblehome. Sides are straight.
My $.02 based on the little info so far.

I don't think it's any of the above, I don't really see any features that match anything from Thompson, Shell lake or Rehbein, closest feature would be the sharp shear similar to a very old T, but the rest is too "crude". (It also doesn't look like a Muller (made in Stillwater MN))

My guess would be a "one off" or maybe a very modified OT or similar common brand?

Hi Dave,

I just returned from a week home, meaning no internet access.

What do you know about that Morris in Duluth?

And it would be interesting to see a few more pics of this canoe.

There is another thread about a Morris in Duluth. Possibly fiberglass?? I don't know anything. There was a nice Kennebec Sailing Canoe on e-bay about 10 miles from me. Never saw it, but pics looked good........