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I have a friend that has a canoe that wanted to see if he could find out any info on it.He gave me a little info and wanted me to do some research....It's 15' 8" long ,27" wide, 10" deep and weights about 36 lbs. It's handmade cedar strips and fiberglass.It has a shallow arch hall,asymmetrical, straight keel line rockers,straight side waterline, it is old but has no markings.I do have some pictures he sent to me that i could send to you.....thanks


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To post pictures, scroll down to "manage attachments" and click on it (it's in the box below the one you type into). You'll get a browse box that'll let you find stuff in your computer... it'll let you upload six at a time.

Many of the cedar strip canoes are built by hobby builders, so it may be hard to determine who built the canoe... but with pictures, someone may be able to identify the canoe's model and maybe say something about its age. It is, obviously, post-the invention of fiberglass.