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I posted this on another site but figured I'd do better here.

I picked up an old 20' Wood/Canvas canoe a while back, then traded my truck in on an SUV. I need a boat trailer for the canoe. Not know'n a thing about boat trailers- How long a trailer do I need? Single trailer, no racks. I saw a half dozen at Churchill Dam this summer with 20'ers on them but couldn't get around to talk to them about their trailers before they left.
There has been a fair amount of discussion here about canoe trailers so the search utility may give you some good ideas. The messages at and might be particularly helpful. The first question is do you want to carry the canoe up side down to keep the rain out or right side up to make it easier to launch? You will probably want a spread of about seven feet between the bars to best support a twenty foot canoe with the keel up. There are several manufacturers of small boat trailers that can be adjusted to carry a twenty foot canoe with the right side up. The ones with bunks are typically better than rollers since the hull will have more support. Let us know what you decide or if you have other questions.

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I modified standard boat trailer by adding an extra long tongue which seems to work. Another route is to make a customized roof rack. I have tried to attach a pic.


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