Nathaniel H. Bishop in California

Ken Cupery

Fan of the 19th Century
California is perhaps an unlikely spot for canoe history, but I'm looking for information on Nathaniel Holmes Bishop related to Monrovia, California. As you may recall Bishop wrote "Voyage of the Paper Canoe" (and two other books) and was instrumental in the founding of the of the American Canoe Association in 1880.

Specifically I'm looking for a WCHA member who might direct me to sources or, if you're in California, might be willing (for perhaps even a modest financial incentive) to track down information on Bishop.

The basic scenario: Bishop held property in Monrovia California, probably acquired around 1883-188?. When he died in 1902 he was returning from California and headed for Glens Falls NY where he died. His obituary mentions that he owned property in Florida (which I have tracked down with the help of local historical associations), Glens Falls (well documented) and in Monrovia, California. So far no progress on CA. I've tried a couple of letters & emails to local historical groups that I can find without result.

I'm really curious about when he bought his property, what it was, and when it was sold & even to whom.

My motivation is that I'm trying to develop a more complete biographical description of Bishop than is currently available. California is probably a footnote in Bishop's story, but it is at this point at a very loose end.

I thought some WCHA member in CA might be able to help. As the WCHA does not publish a membership directory, I am posting a note here hoping that someone in CA might have some insight about how to follow up on this.

If you have any ideas, I'm open.
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