Name those canoes

So do you think that the first black and white is a White?
I think that there is too much rocker in the boat. The fourth photo, perhaps.
The canoe he is selling is a Molotov cocktail. It has numerous new ribs, the seats, thwarts and hardware are not original etc. I agree that it is probably an older Old Town that has been "tweaked". If you look at the Ebay photo's you will be able to see where the diamond heads cover older round bold locations. You can also see that painter ring was added later.

Anyway, I was curious what folks think that the black and whites are photo's of. Those are (IMHO) the more interesting canoes.
The old black and white photos appear to be of pre-1900 canoes... Gerrish and EM White are what they remind me of... definitely not the canoe that's up for sale... and (as you said) much more interesting.

I'm confused as to why the seller included the old pictures and implies they are of the Old Town, when, in the discussion in Forums, it was pointed out that the canoe in the old pictures was not a 1912 open gunwale Old Town. Seems he is in the process of passing on some of the same misinformation he was given.