Nailing Planking to Stems


WCHA 8049
Hi all, been kinda quiet on here so i'd thought i'd share . . .

Not wanting to get into the business of replacing stems and also being on a bit of a time constraint (trying to get this boat done while my grandfather would still be able to take at least one ride) we elected to replace the stem-tips. We screwed and glued the new pieces on as suggested in the Wood and Canvas Canoe. When it came time to put the new (and some old) planking on we found that hammering seemed to "jolt" the somewhat fragile joint a little too much for our liking. So I suggested using a C-clamp to drive the ring nail. It worked great. In some places The 5/8" nails were a hair too long but when they met the other side of the clamp the end bent over ever so slighty leaving the surface smooth and I suspect added some holding power. Not much but at least it's something to read :)

Zach, maybe you and I are the only ones not on the water today. Near Boston, it's in the upper 60's today. Clara (my18' OT HW) got a fresh coat of paint on her bottom today. A coat of varnish tomorrow and I might be ready to spectate at the annual Run of the Charles race next weekend. I'm told it's quite a spectacle. I can't wait to get out on the water. Good luck with your project. Tom
Yeah it was really nice here in Ohio too . . . Since my only canoe is not ready for the water yet I can't take it out (all the more incentive to get it done) . . . I couldnt stand working any longer though and by about 3:30 I ended up going fishing with my friend instead . . . fish werent biting very much but it was nice to get out there for sure even if i was green with envy thinking about everyone out and about paddling. Oh well soon enough i suppose.
Zach, thanks for the advise. I'm in the process of restoring an OT. When I get to re-nailing my planking back onto the stem I'll try your method. It seems less aggressive then hammering.

Thanks, Bob
Hey Bob, I forgot to mention you want to pre-drill a really small hole to help the nails get started into the hard ash . . . it helped us :)