Mystery Canoe

Andy Hutyera

The Red Canoe Guy - Life Member
I took this photo at the 09 Assembly. I have another photo of it which I took at the mini assembly that same year. Lew Markel wants to use that photo in next year's calendar. Unfortunately I don't know whose canoe it is nor any information about the canoe. Lew needs the info for the calendar copy. I've already sent the photo to the chapter heads who were involved with the mini assembly, but none of them recognized the canoe. *I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on the mystery.

The canoe can be viewed by clicking on the link below. Couldn't figure out how to upload the photo from an iPad!


Andy Hutyera Sailing Canoe&bgcolor=black
That would be my canoe. The pic was snaped at Keuka at the 2009 Assembly. At the time I was standing in the water on the opposite side of the canoe. You can see only my fingers under the mid point of the sail. As I sit here I can't remember the name of my helper on the dock - sorry. The canoe is a 1923 Old Town HW, 18' AA grade with sponsons. 55 Sq.Ft. sail. I partially restored it to get a few more years out of it before new canvas is required. The canoe and the sail rig did not start out life together. The canoe came from Jersey, the sail rig from a junk canoe in Saranac, NY. I would be honored to see it in the calendar. Thank you for considering it.

Jim Clearwater
Dock Helper

The helper on the dock would be the venerable Mr. Steve Lapey.