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I have a mystery sitting out on top of my car. Maybe you folks have some ideas about what she could be?

16 feet long. Narrower than my pal, closed gunnels, flat head copper tacks. No numbers in stems or little plates anywhere. Interesting slots in the planking to help make the curve.

A few pictures attached


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Sure looks like a Charles River-type canoe. The deck is similar, but not exactly the same as a Kingsbury (at least from the photos I've seen). Since Zutefisk is in Seattle it would be more likely to be a Monohon canoe (assuming you acquired it locally). Alden Kingsbury operated Monohon Boat and Canoe Company in Monohon, WA near Seattle for a few years in the early 1900's before returning to the Boston area and building Kingsbury canoes. The deck profile also isn't exactly the same as the fancy deck profile I've seen in photos of Monohon canoes, though.

I've never seen a Monohon canoe in the flesh before, but I would suspect that they were constructed using west coast woods, concentrating on western red cedar. The deck on Zutefisk's canoe looks to be of red cedar or fir. Are the ribs and planking red cedar? If the ribs, in particular, are red cedar I'd be inclined to vote for the canoe being a Monohon. If so, I'd sure like to see it!

For a past discussion of Monohon canoes, go to:
Looking closely at the grain in the deck photo, it's interesting that it runs parallel to the inwales on one side, rather than along the centerline, as you would expect. Could this deck be a replacement?
A few more details

I bought the canoe up on capital hill in Seattle from someone who bought the canoe locally off craigslist about a year ago.

If the canoe is old, I suspect some restoration has happened in the past.

Outwales and Gunnel Cap are fastened with screws. Screw heads have been carefully filled.

Stem bands look like linoleum trim strips from an old farm house kitchen.

Canoe seats have plywood insets. Remind me of the seats from one of those swedish canoes.

Will try to get some better pictures and measurements when I get home tonite.
Picture of Monohon Canoe Factory circa 1910


thanks for the Monohon tip. Found this pic, the bottom canoe sure looks like mine.


15' 6" long
31 inches outwale to outwale
31.5 inches widest maybe 32 on the far outside depending on how I squint
A shy 13 inches deep.

Thwarts look to be douglas fir.

Canoe is next to a 16' 60's pal


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