Any Info On This Canoe??

Scot T

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I just picked up a small fleet (three) of Canadian made wood/canvas canoes. They are in various state of repair and soon my new shop will be built so I will restore them to their former glory.

One is a 16' Huron, another a 16' Greenwood from Richmond, B.C. and the third is the unknown...

It is 16' long, 31 1/2 -32" wide and 12+" deep. The planking is excellent quality edge grain Western Red Cedar, ribs might be cedar as well (maybe spruce, I have't had a real good look at it to date), decks appear to be spruce (sitka ?) and all other trim is oak. There appears to not have been seats. Near the middle and just below the gunnels there are two holes drilled approx. 3" apart on either side. Maybe for a yoke. There were four thwarts, two of which are missing. The tacks are flat head copper. Gunwales are nailed on. No keel.

The overall impression is of good workmanship and quality materials. It is quite light for the size.

I am lead to believe that it was owned by a RCMP officer for most if not all of it's life and spent a lot of time on the waters of the British Columbia interior.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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Very interesting unknown canoe. Sorry I can't help with its' ID. That said, I will probably be in Victoria next weekend. If you want to sell the Greenwood let me know.