Mystery canoe

Dick Persson

Canoe builder & restorer
Hi all,

Does anyone know what make the canoe in the attached photos is?

Some key features:
-15feet 2 inch in length, 34 ½ inch beam and 12 inch center depth.
-The number 878 stamped into the deck.
-One thwart.
-Shoe keel.
-Slot screws.
-Ribs 3/8” thick, 2 ¼” wide tapered to 1” at gunnels, half ribs 2” wide.

Any thoughts?


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Only one thought............Wish I could help but.............

if you [Dick Perrson] can't identify it there's not much hope that anyone can.
Thompson -And Im only going on what I have seen here over the years.(Although it may be short for a Thompson)
No, not a Thompson - the stringers and half ribs are very similar to that used b by Thompson and Shell Lake, but the gunwale ends, decks and planking patterns are all wrong... Shoe keel implies Canadian origin.