My First Post, Since Joining In August

Mark Van Tassel, The second issue of the mag informed me that I missed a regional gathering in Ely, Mn. Nuts!, I used to live there. I am currently working on a 14ft Rehbein that was buried under the snow for several winters, then hit by a plow. It is almost a complete redo. I told my wife, " at least I have a shape to work with, and it was free." I will be visiting this site a lot. I call the attached: "Three canoes meet for the first time." In the foreground is a Tremblay, hanging to the left is the Rehbein and in the upper right is my Chestnut I restored last summer.
IMG_0371 (1).JPG
Welcome, Mark, The canoe in the build tent at WCHA Assembly at Peterborough last July had been buried under snow and hit by a plow. Most people would have burned it, but the restorers were bending and installing ribs and planking during Assembly, and it was begining to look pretty good. It almost doesn't matter what shape the canoe is in. Good luck to you.
Tom McCloud
I always say, "Why do something, unless it's a challenge." I used to spend an equal amount of time building wooden models of sailing ships. They look nice on a shelf, but ahaaa, a canoe that will take you to interesting places in style, that is pleasure on another level! Thanks for the encouragement.