Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
I picked up a Morris today at a estate sale in Ashburham Mass. It came with both large and small sets of back rest. And a couple oars. It's in pretty good shape. Brass SN plate on the stem. Number 14175.
Fritz: I'll need a center thwart if you have a pattern for one yet. Also would you be willing to sub-let a room in you dog house, kinda chilly here in NH today.



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Wish it were mine

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors stuff, but I'm going to anyway. Seriously nice boat. I have to start going to a better class of garage sale.

Jim C.
Cat House

Nice find Vern. The serial no. is close to mine too.

Are the paddles birdseye maple? Sweet patina.

I don't have the center thwart dimensions yet, but I'm due to begin a new project soon.

Some backrests came with my Morris too. They are different. I will shoot some photos for the experts to consider.

Well, housing has been uncomfortable mostly because we have CATS:D. Things warmed up alittle today because I unloaded the boss man's canoe.

Gee, now I have all that extra space!!

They are great boats! Get all the info you have on it to Kathryn Klos as she is compiling a documentary of the BN Morris canoe history and build records. From what I can see, the original back rest is the one in the middle but others may correct me on that but mine has the same back rest.

Good find!

I had to remove one of top planks on the bow and found some lettering. It looks like FXG. see picture. Could this be a roman numeral or maybe someone that worked for Morris?



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