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I have a 1911 Morris. It is a 16' mod. A type 3 I think. Since it has been badly repaired before, many of the fine details of deck and floor grating, even outwales, have been lost. Of the many photos available online, all are either of doubtful authenticity, insufficient clarity, or of a different model. The catalogue is little help. Does anyone have good digital photos of one which is of unquestionably original design?


I have seen the site, and it is only of general help. Nothing with the specifics I need. The featured photos have open gunnels and the canoes are of a different length and model. Rollin's canoes are beautiful, but since they are reproductions, the question arises, "exactly how faithfully was the original reproduced?" I think I can make my canoe look like a Morris, but I am looking for the best restoration of this specific model I can get. This means details.

Thanks for your help. Any more suggestions?

I believe that I have a Model A, type 3 (oak outside stems). Mine is 17 '. Most of what I have corresponds to the copy of the 1908 (reprint) catalog that I have. The one exception is the outwale section. The catalog shows the open gunnel construction with the sheer planking tapered to zero where the outwales meet the ribs. Mine is similar but has a rabbeted outwale that fits over the planking so that the 1/4" lip meets the rib and hides the canvas edge.

The deck details are 36" forward deck and 24" aft deck. They are two pieces of book-matched mahogany with a mahogany batten. All deck pieces are about 3/16" thick The are attached over a "normal" breasthook deck, with added spruce framing. The pics show the framing, breasthook and the cockpit coaming. I can take some measurements or more pics, if that will help.


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The Morris 1908 catalog has detailed illustrations of the Model A (both Types) trim and fittings. There are a number of additional Morris catalogs on the WCHA CD. Check out Dragonfly Canoe's website ( Consider contacting Rollin Thurlow (Northwoods Canoes) directly if you have questions about the accuracy of his A-64 reproduction.
Thanks to both of you -- especially you, Mr. Scheur. Your photos and description will help as I assume that similar methods would have been used on similar, if not identical models. I will visit the dragonflycanoe site now.
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