MI Chapter Paddle on the Cass River, Frankenmuth MI


Debbie Darga
Come join us for a 1/2 day paddle and BBQ lunch to follow On Saturday Aug. 6 2011. Arrive at the new canoe launch in Heritage Park by 8:45am for a 9:00am put in.

RSVP Bill and Janette Hart (989)652-2812 or paddlenpen@gmail.com or Debbie Darga
(248)887-6365 or dmd421@comcast.net

take lots of photos and post them

Sorry I can't make it. I'll be in Traverse City for the ACBS boat show with a canoe display and handing out WCHA brochures.
Had a fabulous day on the Cass River with the MI Chapter.


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Nice photos Debbie! Sorry we couldn't make it up that way. Had a funeral this morning and my class reunion
this evening. Saw a nice basket in Dave's canoe! Keep us updated on events!
Wendy, we sure missed you and John. Looking forward to seeing you at the Rainbow Resort on the Au Sable Sept.23-25.

Hey Wendy, I'm going to need a couple cup holder baskets. Either in Sept or QWS? The Roxinator and I had a wonderful time. Great food! Greater people. Only problem---I ran out of Twizzlers before the halfway point.
Glad you had a great time! I will have the baskets for you at the fall paddle. I am sending two out
to a fellow in New York! Going to LA for our future daughter-inlaw's bridal shower. Quick trip for this weekend. And it
is going to be HOT! Have a great week!
Dave, I will be sure to remedy the Twizzler situation at the Fall Paddle on the Au Sable!!