Mast Fitting for Batwing


Damp Yankee in Tejas
Does anyone have any pointers to share on rigging a simple batwing sail? I have found good information on developing the sail itself, but I am new to this and don't have details on the best rigging setup. In particular, can anyone describe--or point to details for--the mast fitting at the point where the upper battens converge? Thanks in advance!
Here are a couple examples from Rushton, the first from an old catalog (look at numbers 22 and 23). The second from a vintage Vesper with the Improved Bailey (batwing) sail.


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Thanks Dan, that was just what I wanted to see. Of course, being a penny-pincher I'll have to see if I can fashion the gooseneck from an old oarlock and fabricate the batten hinge portion with some plate and pins.
(BTW, love your site.)