Mast construction

Michael Leone

You call that a sail?
Here are some shots of how to build a glued up tappered mast.
I had to make a new one to support my new 65sq. ft. Lateen sail.
My 45sq. ft. sail wasn't enough fun!

It is made out of four pieces of clear pine selected and cut so the grain
runs 45 degrees to each other for strenth and flexibility.

the pieces are glued with gorilla glue and clamped, then planed to a perfect
square. the square is tappered with a jig on the table saw then eight sided
with the blade at a 45 degree angle and finaly sixteen sides.
The rest is easily done with an orbital sander and then by hand. the foot is
squared off to fit the step and the head is slotted on the mill for the sheve.

Oiled, varnish, go sailing!


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