Making planking the old fashioned way

Howard Caplan said:
Thanks for the pics.
Question: Do you ever use a froe? If not, why?

I have never used a froe because I rarely split any wood that is wide enough to use one. When I do split out wider stock I just make a score the width of the split with my axe, drive in the axe with a mallet; then work it down with wedges. The grain does the rest. You just can't beat the versatility of the axe eh.
Froes are more for making shingles.

Ferdy Goode
Birchbark Canoe Universal Tool

Seems one can't do much authentically on a birchbark canoe until a crooked knife has been made. If several people wanted to make these special knives for working on a birchbark canoe, where would they go for good instructions on making a crooked knife?