Maine Canoe Symposium

Yep. Wish we had a fleet of canoes on-hand, but it's a bit of a specialty. Even one or two canoes would be enough to do it as a demo perhaps, with some one-on-one sailing time.

When Jim Bowman did it, I think he brought only a couple of sailing canoes and did a lot of one-on-one work over the course of the weekend.
Jim Bowman had some wonderful sailing canoes, that was one of the highlights of the symposium for me. I don't have a functional sailing canoe at the moment but this provides some motivation to change that. I might be able to help with the instruction if someone else can help with the sailing canoes. Please post a message here if you find another instructor with their own sailing canoe fleet first. Thanks,

Thanks--will do.

I technically do/ have a sailing canoe--an old 15' Old Town that my dad restored in Austin, Texas many years ago. Still has the original cotton sail and cotton lines and all original hardware.

It's in my barn right now and I've never sailed it. Might be a good workshop idea--teach Dave how to sail this old thing............

Take care
Ok, I'll do it unless you already have another alternative. I have located an 18 foot Guide with a 55 square foot sail and a 16 foot fiberglass Wahoo sailing canoe so far. Any other contributions would be welcome. I am still looking for a sunfish that I can buy to put the sail rig on the Wahoo so please let me know if one is avaliable within a few hours of Portland, Maine. Thanks,