mahogany rail


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I need to relace about a 2 ft. section of inner rail on a 1929 Old Town. The rail is mahogany. Wondering if I should attempt to steam bend the replacement piece. Any advice would be appreciated.

I guess that all depends upon how much curve is in that section. If its less than two inches I would cut it out of a solid section of wood. Any more than that, I would steam bend a section that is about four feet long, planning on using the middle two feet.
Another option, is to clamp a strong and straight piece of wood to the canoe side to straighten it out some, repair the damaged portion, then release the brace, The new piece will conform to the desired curve. You need to remove any parts which may inhibit this action.

Of course, it also depends upon where in the canoe this is to be done. There may be no tolerance for this approach, so care must be taken.