Macgregor sailing canoe


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I'm interested in building a Macgregor canoe and wondered if anyone here has built one. How difficult was she to build and how does she sail?

I have not built one yet, but I'm very interested and I've just started one. Probably a one year project at the rate I can work on it.
Here's the results of some research-

Web sites:


In addition to the plans and the meager booklet that comes with them, I bought the following three books which are all helpful:

Clinker Plywood Boatbuilding Manual, Iain Oughtred
Ultralight Boatbuilding, Thomas Hill
How to Build Glued-Lapstrake Wooden boats, Brooks & Hill

I hope this helps. I'm interested in any other info, too. Dan
Tom Moen built this one a couple years ago (as his first boatbuilding project if I remember correctly) and I just built another set of these sails for Dennis Rioux, who is building a MacGregor as we speak. I'll send you their e-mail addresses and you might want to contact them. They're both nice guys and should be able to give you some idea of what the project is like. There is a thread about Tom's boat here:


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Thanks Todd for the additional info- In case the questioner doesn't know it, I should have put your essential book on the list,too.
"Canoe Rig" by Todd Bradshaw