Lapstrake covered sailing canoes

Don't have any experience with that particulat boat,but, I know that being only 31 inches wide and carrying @ 60 sq.ft. of sail should make for a thrilling ride in a brisk wind.
I don't think my sailing skills would be up to it.
It's a nice boat and a very pretty one. There are a few people who hang around the WoodenBoat forum who have built them. They tend to have a lot of sail in heavy air, but if you rig it with three mast steps (main, mizzen and an additional one for using just one of it's sails as a single-sailed rig) you can adjust the sail area to match the conditions. The sails are also often built with two reefs in the main and one on the mizzen (at the batten pockets) so you do have the ability to reef down a lot in high winds.


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Here are a few pictures of a 16' decked version that was for sale on E-Bay a while back. I have the plans and material for the smaller Wee Rob. Information is available in the plans to build the canoes longer than the nominal 12' (Wee Rob) or 13'7" (Mac).



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