Looking Very Nice...

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
Just need to say the website is looking better and better all the time. I love the pictures on the main page... it's nice to see new ones added-- a cool surprise seeing Ferdy's birch bark there! A sailing canoe would be a good addition-- people finding this site may not know a canoe can be sailed.

Information on the Old Town build record project is great!

Thanks for all this hard work.
Thanks for the comments! Still working on bringing the revamping the site. Most of the material (like the Old Town project page) is from the old site, but some of it was buried pretty deep, hopefully when we're done, info will be more accessible.

The idea with the photos is to swap them out periodiocally, maybe once a month or so, to keep the front page fresh. Don't want to put too many on the front page in deference to those with dial-up... maybe we can put the "retired" photos into an archive somewhere...

The archive idea is a good one... and rotating the pictures. (I have dial-up and the page loads easily, by the way.)

Maybe photos from past assemblies could be placed under the Assembly heading on the main page?

Would it be possible to have the WCHA video on the site, or a link to it on YouTube (as suggested in Forums yesterday) or somewhere else? The video says so much about WCHA and would probably get a lot of viewing if available on line.