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I have this 17" morris and it looks while it was stored from a previous owner they had some heavy stuff setting on it. One end has about 1/4" bow and the other 3/8", center looks good. I popped the keel off when I got it hoping to alleviate some of it. I have an idea to go about it and get it straight or over correct and poor some boiling water on it. Who's had good luck with this type of repair and what was the technique?


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We have a Detroit that had a pretty good hog in it. I set it on saw horses,right side up. Poured hot water into it, then put a 2x6 plank down on bottom, then a hunk of railway rail on top of that plank. I think I left it for a week or two. Each day I'd pour more hot water into it. The hog is pretty much gone. You can of coarse use anything weighty that will do the trick.
Good luck, Denis
Cut a stout piece of wood to fit across and under the inwale above the hog. Lay another length of wood on the bottom of inner canoe bottom at the hog and on on the center line. Measure the distance between the pieces and add an inch or so. Cut a piece of wood to that length and wedge it between the two other pieces. Other wedges can also be used if needed. Turn canoe upside down and cover with a blanket or plastic sheet. Locate an electric kettle under the hog and steam away. After a good steaming I usually leave the pieces of wood in for at least a couple of days. Usually works. Good luck.
Good ideas and encouraging, Thanks, wasn't sure anything could be done. I'll get going on it.
Well I put a string line on it and it was worse then I thought, but after the encouraging replies I started in on it. The horrible hog the Morris had is gone. It almost seemed the rib had memory when they where shaped 100 years ago and just naturally went back into place. I set up a string line and 2x4, ran wire through the keel screw holes through a piece of cedar rib scrap then a nail, pulled the ribs up that where bad, giving a little extra in the middle and worst area, steamed them moving the steamer through the hull to get it real hot, filled it with steam, and all seems good after loosening the wire. I'll steam again tomorrow but I'm sure it's the easiest repair I've done to date. Thanks for the ideas.


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