Looking for copper stem bands


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I am restoring an old town wood canvas canoe that has copper stem bands. These have the same cross section as the brass bands. Does anyone have a source for copper bands?
If you can't reuse your old ones, then you are stuck replacing them with brass bands. No one makes copper ones anymore.
The trembley canoe of mine had 1 inch copper pipe slit longitudinally in thirds to make the stem bands. If you set up a jig it might not be too onerous to make. peter
copper stem bands

The Late Carl Ricker of Milo Maine who built and taught the art of building for many years using the Malon Sally forms had a jig that was built by a machinist in the Bangor and Aroostook machine shop that moulded copper tubing to fit the stem of a canoe you just put the tubing in between the mould and hit it with a hammer. copper tubing scraps were saved as he installed gas stoves