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I work for the Nova Scotia Nature Trust and we recently had a donor offer us a Walter Walker canoe for us to auction with the proceeds going to the Nature Trust. I have spoken with a local canoe builder who gave me a rough idea of what he though it was worth but recommended that I look elsewhere for confirmation.
As a non-profit we are required by Canada Revenue to prove the appraised value of anything donated over $1000.
This canoe was built in 1984 by Walter Walker for the donor. I have pictures if someone might be able to help me.
Thank you!

Please post the pictures. Someone closer to your location may be available to look at it and give their opinion as to condition.
Pictures of Walter Walker Canoe

The pictures are attached to this message. Appreciate the messages thus far. It gives me a place to start at least. Thank you!



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The canoe looks to be in great condition. Looking at the bottom, I wonder if it's been in water.

I know of a few that have sold recently and this has got to be worth at least $3,500 and could fetch much more.

IF it were mine, I'd accept $5,000 and I think the charity would be safe to issue a receipt for $5,000.

Nice donor,

Nice canoe you have there. I wouldn’t take less than 3k for it and would probably want something in the 5 to 6 range. Walter’s canoes aren’t growin’ on trees…………………………

If you want a bomb proof appraisal that will stand up to insurance companies and tax audits there is no other than Robert Ross. He frequents these forums from time to time. You can find him in the builder’s directory here at the WCHA under Massachusetts.

Several signed W. Walker cedarstrip canoes sold, here in Ontario, last year to prices between $4100 and $6900. I think those buyers got a good deal, especially since the price for a new cedarstrip canoe by R. Squires was $7500four years ago when he closed up shop. Two more W. Walker's I know of sold this summer to prices just below $10 000, one of which had never been used and the other in pristine condition. Your canoe also seems to be in pristine condition.

Dick Persson
Buckhorn Canoe Company
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