walter walker

  1. Hummy

    Walter Walker's hammer

    As I read and research in books and this site, I've seen several references to a particular hammer that Walter Walker used, which was "cast for the Peterborough Canoe Company". I assume the original is in possession of his family or a museum. I am wondering is there more than one or are...
  2. MGC

    Cedar strip keel bedding

    I am not very familiar with cedar strip canoe construction but it's time to learn. Mine leaks a bit under the keel. I presume that the person that varnished it 10 plus years ago removed and replaced the keel and did not bed it properly....I am only guessing. Are these keels bedded? Is there a...
  3. N

    Looking for an appraisal of Walter Walker Canoe

    Hello, I work for the Nova Scotia Nature Trust and we recently had a donor offer us a Walter Walker canoe for us to auction with the proceeds going to the Nature Trust. I have spoken with a local canoe builder who gave me a rough idea of what he though it was worth but recommended that I...