Long or Short shaft what would be the best outboard for a Woody?


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We have a 1943 18' Old Town C/S with sponsons just took it out for the first time since restoration. She went ride along with just a 24 lb. thrust electric trolling motor but we want to still set it up with a 5 hp. tiller; we will be salmon fishing from it on several decent size lakes. I have the chance to purchase a
5 hp. Evinrude L/S 4 stroke at a amazing price. It sips fuel, meets all super low emissions regs., is a model year 4 stroke with just 10 hours and like new condition. Just wondering if anyone has a similar setup whether short or long shaft tiller is best, the long shaft is 25" seems like this might be best as the boat barely sits in the water. Any input would be great!!!! Thanks in advance!!!!

What is your transom height? With a couple people, some assorted gear and a 4-stroke 5 HP outboard (which are heavy and maybe also with a fuel tank aboard) you're realistically going to be drawing at least 3" or more and unless your transom is a lot higher than I think it probably is, a short shaft will likely be what the boat should have. I can't imagine any non-freighter canoe that could use a 25" shaft, and sinking the business end of an outboard too deep can really hinder decent performance.