Lloyd of Canandaigua


Word got around my neighborhood that I had built some kayaks (3 S&G and a strip built under construction) leading a neighbor to offer me a 16 foot canoe that had been stripped of its canvas.

Through this forum I've learned that it is a Huron canoe. You can see photographs of it at


Noticing that the WCHA annual assembly is at nearby Keuka Lake (one lake to the east) I've resolved to get this canoe ready for that event.

... Lloyd Peterson
Canandaigua, New York

P.S. I just noticed that the representative of the first chapter of the WCHA has a home address in nearby Dansville (my hometown). He doesn't list an e-mail address, but I still have some postage stamps and will get in contact with him. I've already had the good luck to meet Patrick Smith of Happy Hollow Boat Yard, a canoe builder, who has given me encouragement.