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Anyone know why the links on this page: no longer work? Is it because of the site crash? Anyone know where I can get a list of restoration supplies that old town makes? Thanks.

Yes, those links appear to have disappeared over the dam... maybe Tim Or Benson will be able to yet restore them from old archival material. In the meantime, you can always get the current restoration parts list from Old Town directly.

I was able to reconstruct these pages from an old disk yesterday but did not have time then to also post a message here. (There are a few advantages of not ever throwing anything away.) Let us know if you see any other broken links. Thanks,

Selling Canoes...

Hey Vic,

What kind of canoes are you selling? Put a list on the board and it should help sell more of them. Where are you located?

Thanks, Joe
selling canoes

12 ft. Birchbark made by Andy Rockwood from Traverse City, MI

17 ft. 3 in. Ralph Frese Fiberglass painted like birchbark

20 ft Ralph Frese Fiberglass painted like birchbark includes custom trailer for hauling

one 16 ft and one 17 ft. wooden on the inside and hand painted to look like birchbark

All these canoes were used in historical reenactment. They need a good home with someone who can appreciate them.

They will be auctioned at noon on Saturday, May 14th at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds in Lafayette, Indiana.

Let me know if you need directions.
Hope to see you there.
This is really not related to web site suggestions or broken links. Anything related to selling canoes belongs at in the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association Classifieds. Please don't clutter up the forums with advertising.