LINKANOE canvas treatment


Bob, a while back I looked into having a replacement boot (what Link called the skin) made for one of my Linkanoes. I tracked down what I believed to be the original supplier, Eureka Tent. They were not interested in the project but I am inclined to believe they used a similar process as they used to waterproof their canvas tents. Just not sure what that was, or even if it would meet fire retardant standards of today. If you come up with anything let me know. Regards,Bob
I don't know what Eureka was using, but back in the days before rip stop, used to "waterproof" our canvas tents with a yearly coating of thompson's water seal.

Wonder what would happen if you used this stuff then touched the sides of canoe?

Link - the inventor of the Linkanoe was big into aircraft too. Just wondering if it wasn't some sort of aircraft dope????
the canvas is very pliable so not sure on the dope,probably not though. dave have not tried it yet. was thinking about new canvas and the treatment of that. hey we had 3 in the water last thursday from millville to norway lake rd. brenda russ and nancy went swimming.
It had to be cold

Everybody ok tho? Here on the emerald coast the water is warm One canoe livery, no linkanoes.