Lapstrake Canoe In Home Page Photos.

Scot T

LOVES Wooden Canoes
I was just looking at the photos the roll by on the Home page. Can anyone tell me about the lapstrake solo depicted there? Who built it? Design? Etc. It looks like a beautiful little boat. Thanks
It is a Racine Boat Manufacturing Company Indian Paddler built prior to 1904. It is a sweet little canoe.
Thank you Dan. Do you know if anyone (you maybe??) has taken the lines off and if so are they available for purchase?

I want to build myself a lapstrake solo, 12+/- feet, so am searching out some nice boats.
Wee Rob

Hi Scot,

Good luck with your search. I have just bought the plans and intend to build Iain Oughtred's Wee Rob, which is a nice glued plywood boat.


Bill P
I know the owner intends to take the lines, but as far as I am aware, hasn't done so yet. See, he's got this little problem of too many boats, and not enough time.... (Not that any of us know what that problem is like :eek: )

Racine did publish lines of its Canadian Paddler (aka Weyauwega) in catalogs, but as far as I am aware, no surviving examples of this model have been found. Some of Fred Martins original drawings have been found, but none of the canoes are among them.