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Tony Denton

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Last year I repaired a 15ft Langford rowboat and left it ready for canvassing. Now the time has come and I am having difficulty finding canvas. The maximum wrap needed is about 64 inches, and I am considering #8 or #6 - if available.
Can anybody offer suggestions on where to buy canvas wider than 60 inches?
Thanks Benson. As far as the thickness of the canvas is concerned, I could use some advice there too. The boat may have been originally built with a glass covering, and later converted to canvas covering. The planking is thin and there were traces of resin. What effect will a heavier canvas have on the strength and durability of the hull.
This rowboat only needed recovering because it had been left on the ground, inverted, though the old canvas was also ripped just under the outwale, as if it had been overtensioned, perhaps.
All advice will be appreciated.
Hello Tony, have you tried this place? They have #8 canvas in 72". I don't personally know their quality but a friend used their canvas and said it was fine. That's how I heard of them. I've been meaning to email them and enquire but my wife got some excellent Midwest cotton canvas through one of her fabric store suppliers so I've put it off. It might be worth the time to check where their supplies come from and get a sample if they will send one.

Or this place.
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Hi Tony

Try Bill Wilson at Paugan Falls Canoe Works (Low, Qc, 819-422-3456, I know that Bill works on freighter canoes from time to time and he may have some wide canvas. If not, try The Canvas Connection ( in Port Hope. I get my canvas from them and the quality and service are excellent.

Good luck.

Doug Long
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My thanks to everyone for the advice offered. It looks as if the Canvas Connection can supply almost anything.