lakefield info wanted

hi its not a canoe ,but i know you can help me , while at a yard sale looking at a ''tremblay'' St. _elicien P.Q. cedar canvas canoe
i told them of my interest in old cedar, they took me around the barn ,to show me what they said is a, pre Peterborough "1930 ish Lakefield -playboy'' stored outside ,upsidedown ,on old steel roofing , all plates and tags removed ,but kept inside the house ''somewhere'' ,
its amazing
chrome wheel with the bunny emblem , varnish is starting to curl at the seams , appears very sound ,they say that they have all parts removed .
could anybody link me to some pics or info .i didnt have much luck,might have been looking for the wrong name or something.

i tried not to look too impressed... not sure i pulled that one off?
thanks Bill
Hi Bill,

The quoted names and timeframe “Pre Peterborough 1930ish Lakefield Playboy” does not fit.
-Playboy magazine first issue came out in December 1953.
-The bunny logo was created by designer Art Paul for the second issue January 1954.
-Lakefield to my knowledge never had a boat named playboy or anything similar.

However, it might be a Peterborough “Handy-boy”, see attached picture from a Peterborough Canoe Co catalogue 1937. The “Handy-boy” model was produced until the company closed in 1961.

Dick Persson
Headwater Wooden Boat Shop


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thats a whole lot i didnt know..
.i dont think its that one.but who knows
.i did see a ''duke playmate'' online?? steering wheel is on the front left..this one had a twenty hp[i didnt see it]inside looked just like my canoes only bigger my guess 16'or more deep and wide i'll go back with camera in hand
thanks for your help Bill