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Hi I have a Kennebeck canoe. It was covered in Glas and I want to restore it. I am the type that gets things apart.....but sometimes projects don't always get back together. I can use this canoe as is but man is it heavy! I am a skilled woodworker Love handtools. What I'm after is a work vacation. I would like to make arrangements with someone who is skilled to help me do this project start to finish. My labor their brains. Labor help when I really need it. As this is sure to take a while I could have it stripped beforehand. I would also need a place for my vintage airstream to park (near lake would be great!) so I have a place to stay while working. In exchange for help I could help with chores you may have or pay a pre arranged fee. I am retired @ 54 and want to get involved in canoeing. Is there any hope of finding anyone willing to help me like this? If so contact thanks
You may want to consider taking a class on canoe building and restoration as a way to get started. More information about this is available at and as well as several other builders. You could also look up a local builder at to see if they would be willing to help you learn.

The Kennebec canoe with serial number 16937 appears to be a 17 foot long Kennebec model type 2A that shipped in 1922.

Good luck with your project and feel free to reply here if you have any other questions.

I had a similar experience with Alex Comb at Stewart River Boat Works near Two Harbors Minnesota. A great guy, I can't recommend him too highly. You can see Lake Superior from his place. I camped up the road at another campground, but I think he was talking about adding some camping spots at his place.
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