Kennebec Rails

Pete Mathews

Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
I need to build new outwales for the 1929 Kennebec 18-1/2' guide canoe I'm working on. There were none with it when I got it. I have pictures of some broken rails so I can see the shape and the fact they were attached with nails (thanks Dan), but don't have the exact dimensions. Can anyone help here?
HI Pete,
the ones i have worked on were 7/8" deep and 1.12" wide. the top and bottom were tapered and the outside edge rounded so it has a oval appearance. the steel nails were driven thru the outside rail into the inside rail and the nail heads sunk and puttied over. A pain in the neck all the way around!
Thanks Rollin:

It sounds like it. But, in the interest of whatever, I'll probably go that way, substituting nonferrous nails for the steel I presume were originally used.