Kennebec 12075

Kennebec Morris

When is a Kennebec not really a Kennebec? I'll attach some pictures to a post below. This canoe appears to be one of the B.N. Morris canoes that was finished by Kennebec after the 1920 fire. I'll attach pictures... and we'll see what the records say!
not necessarily "after the fire"...

Knew I'd read this somewhere-- it was on the Dragonfly site:

"Quite a few Kennebec Canoe and Boat Company Canoes turn up that have characteristics (especially the splayed stem) of Morris canoes. These canoes are believed to have been built by Morris and finished by Kennebec when Kennebec ran behind on filling orders. While these canoes are documented in the Kennebec records, no mention is made that the hulls were built by Morris."

As can be seen in the attached pics, this canoe looks very much like a closed gunwale Morris. Too bad it doesn't appear to have retained its original seats and thwarts, which would perhaps make it appear more of a Morris-Kennebec cross.


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For Comparison...

Attached is our sixteen foot B.N. Morris for comparison... our canoe is missing the outwale, and is number 3889.


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Kennebec assigned the number 12075 to a 17' Type A Kennebec model built in March of 1917. It was originally painted red and shipped to L. Scharwzhopf on 6/9/1917.

So, yes, it is one of the Morris-built hulls that was sold by Kennebec, no it was not one of the post-fire Morrises. There is no relationship between the numbers Morris assigned and the numbers Kennebec assigned. Also, in no case so far seen did Kennebec see fit to make a notation that any given hull originated at Morris.

Thanks, Dan. It was fun discovering this canoe and figuring out what it possibly was. It's on eBay and as usual I suggested that the buyer come this direction for more information and support and fun and friends and all the other good stuff that's part of WCHA.