james bondo

Looks like an intense restoration to say the least. Maybe even beyond!
Remember what Rollin says in the "bible"....."Given one rib, I could build a canoe around it - that's no problem."
It could possibly be a "teaching" canoe for a local chapter or group.........
HEY, Watch it!!!

That thing is in better shape than the OTCA wreck I bought from you! It needed a ton of TLC but, it will be beautiful when it's done. Does anyone know what kind it is? I only know of one mfr who used the heart shaped decks. Splinter
Conversing again re the Conversation Piece...

I brought this up yesterday, in reply to Andre's post titled " 'nother beaut", and Gil Cramer suggested the piece is a Carleton. If you check out the canoe ID guide on Dragonfly, you'll see it's a probable match (heart-shaped deck and little carry-thwart, etc).
*Love* those Heart-shapes...

Actually, in regard to heart-shaped decks, I believe of the short-deck type it has been the most popular (with wood and canvas canoes). Gerrish... Morris... Kennebec... Carleton (anyone else can jump in and add...)
I agree with Gil, that canoe looks like a Carleton.

As for makers that used heart-shaped decks, here is a short list... Canadian Canoe Co., Chestnut, Carleton, E. Gerry Emmons, Gerrish, Kennebec, Kidney, Milwaukee Yacht and Boat, Morris, Peterborough, Robertson, Rushton, St. Lawrence Boat Works, Seliga, Skowhegan, Thatcher. There are probably more...

Wreck, you say! It's the same wreck that I bought from Dan Miller before he moved to NY. I know that you have spent a lot of time on it and enjoyed every minute. From the photo history of your restoration (rebuild?) so far, you have done an excellent job of bringing the "sexiest Otca" (ref.post on 3/28/2006)back to life. Just say that you are getting your money's worth on this project!! Keep up the good work.