it's too dang cold to think about canoeing!

bob goeckel

Wooden Canoe Maniac
oh, this is supposed to be wood canoe related! it's too dang cold to think about wood canoeing. it's too dang cold to think! -2:eek:
How cold?Last night it got down to 13 below here with an 8 mile /hour wind = 30 below. It is now at just after 2pm and 3 below. We're in the U.P. of Michigan on the shore of Lake Superior. Too cold to even want to go outside. Denis:eek:
i saw that marquette thing there eh? yah it's a cold one ok!:D
it's 0 here right now eh? don't that mean no temperature?
It's never too cold to think about canoeing. I find that it helps me feel better about life to run the many wonderful times spent in a canoe crafted of wood through my mind; I do it as often as possible. The howling winds of winter will soon be gone and it will, again, be time to toss a canoe on our shoulders and head for the nearest river. ;)

Wood-ingly Yours,
Rich Briere
frequently crosses my mind...

I find inspiration in the many metaphores presented by canoes and rivers, even during dark and chilly winter days. The river that passes in front of my little house isn't frozen-over, despite below zero temperatures... it continues to flow toward The Big Lake (Superior), moving around and under ice that threatens to trap and hold it. It reminds me that the time will come again when it will welcome my canoe and take me into places familiar and new. The moving water is a constant-- even if the river appears frozen, the water makes a pleasant sound under the ice as it travels to the lake.
i am usually in the middle of my canoes in the shop building them or funiture or carving but right now you can't hardly get the fire hot enough to be out there.:(
Hey Bob - we're having a heat wave up here - it is 14 degrees right now, with winds of 20mph giving a wind chill of -13. But hey - it is sunny. Talked to Ron Pellinen of Black Beaver Canoe Co. in Soo Canada last night. They were in the midst of a big snow storm. So I'll take the cold. Denis :p
Syracuse anyone?

Hey, you guys from Michigan might want to consider a temporary move to Syracuse.:rolleyes: I believe snow is a fairly good insulator, and it'll certainly get you out of that wind.:D They're talking about 100" of snow there in the last few and next few days.
It's been cold here in northern Massachusetts for several days running, and a little snow (we've had none!) would be fine with me, but I'll take the single digits and below zero wind chills as opposed to the snow they're getting in upstate NY. Hey, didn't Punxatauny Phill see his shadow the other day?
This has been an unusual year here along Lake Superior. We've had very little snow. Normally we have had up to 274 inches in a season, along with the sub zero weather. I do know ,however, the poor folks in the Buffalo area really get nailed too , being on the East end of Lake Erie with the winds from the West. Though it is cold it is nice not to have to shovel every day. I do worry though that our streams ,rivers, and lakes will suffer from the lack of snow. Spring may be pretty dry and that increases the fire danger. But Hey - we're told that there is no global warming! Denis :eek:
Too cold? NOT!

Here in the Banana Belt (north of Chicago), we don't recognize an "off Season". The river has a spring feeding it, so a 6- or 8- mile section never freezes. This is the Des Plaines River, from Grand Avenue to Oak Spring Road.

We've had a few subzero nights, and a couple of sizable snow dumps recently (nothing compared to Buffalo), with thaws between, and today it's thunderstorming... temps forecast for 40degreesF. The rivers are up already, and there's a flood watch in our area...

Sunday's supposed to be up around 30 degrees & partly cloudy, might be a good day for a float. The northern part of the open section has a lot of log jams in it right now, but the southern half needs a fact-finding mission, from Rte 137 to Rte 60. Anybody game?

We're always careful... minimum group size is 3 people, proper gear, clothing, & skills are required; most folks that join me on these winter floats are ACA instructors, or have equivalent skills. It's very much flat water, no rapids, just a couple of swift spots... although a rogue gust of wind has been known to throw boats into overhanging trees, and capsize a boat. But everyone's prepared for such events, and recovering from them is well-practiced during warmer times.

And once you get dried off, 30 degrees is balmy...
Up North in Canoe Country, folks are still thinking dog sleds and lakers through the ice, the canoe season is still a long way off yet. :)

(wishing he was North, this living down south is for the birds)
Just got back from three delightful weeks in Ely MN dogsledding, XC skiing and snow shoeing. It was COLD, but we loved every minut of it. As Dorothy Molter always said, GUYS, QUITCHERBELIAKIN!!!!
No Belly Ache

Here.Never gets too cold but we have had quite a lot of snow,Be nice when its gone


This is from the roof and nowhere else to go so on the porch

I promised myself that I would do some ice fishing while I was there but it didn't happen. My wife and I went together. We had two weeks on our own and one week with an organized Elder Hostel group at Camp Du Nord. We spent a fair amount of time up on Burntside and the surrounding hills. We also skied Fall Lake and some of the surrounding smaller lakes. I really regret not hooking up with some of the folks I know up there to do some fishing. Oh well, I'll just have to put it at the top of the agenda for next winter when we hope to go back. The BWCAW is almost more fun in the winter than it is in the summer!

Attached is a pic of our group. They'r all smiling under their goggles and wraps!


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